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Pendant Lamps

Pendant Lamps

Stylish Lighting Source is proud to offer a wide selection of pendant lamp lighting options. Our selection of pendant lighting fixtures includes metal pieces that are ideal for use in your kitchen and vintage-inspired designs that work beautifully in an entryway or dining room. Our modern, classic and vintage pendant lights add interest to any room. Mix and match the lighting fixtures you use to create the right amount of light while highlighting the design elements in the room. 

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Como Pendant Lamp Star Blue -15%
Como Pendant Lamp White -15%
Como Pendant Lamp- Grey -15%
Como Pendant Lamp-Beige -15%
Como Pendant Lamp-Cut Grey -15%
Como Pendant Lamp-Greige -15%

Como Pendant Lamp-Greige

The Como greige is a deco..

$114.00 $96.90